The People’s Trust is a non profit organisation that exists to facilitate a transition to a gift economy.

Increasing numbers of people are participating in a gift economy through communities like Freecycle and one person has even managed to live without money for a whole year. This is all great stuff, but for most of us it’s not possible to fully opt out of using money because there’s always things like rent and utility bills to pay. Even if you are able to buy a house, you’ll likely need a mortgage to do it which means it’ll take you 25 years to get there by which time you’ll have given the bank 150-200% of the amount you originally borrowed and probably be feeling less youthful than you did when you started.

So the People’s Trust is about getting people together who support the gift economy to collectively buy our way out of this situation. Using money to support a gift economy might sound a little contradictory but bear with us.

We will raise money from donations to buy and rent out housing, and provide rent-free accommodation to 10% of our tenants in order that they can have the freedom to contribute to society in whatever way they see fit, without the need for monetary resources.

By charging rent to 90% of our tenants we will be able to continue expanding by using the income from rent to buy further buildings and land and in turn further increase the number of people who will receive rent-free accommodation. In the process we will also take buildings and land out of the hands of profit driven banks, landlords and property companies.

The trust will also:

  • Improve energy efficiency and decrease the reliance on fossil fuels of buildings in its ownership, as well as finding other ways to reduce their environmental impact.
  • Treat its tenants with respect, and maintain rents at a reasonable rate.
  • Aim to bring disused buildings back into use by negotiating their purchase
  • Support non-profit organisations developing computer software that facilitates a gift economy or enables free communication and knowledge exchange.

Please support us by signing up for a regular donation here

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